Tuesday, October 24, 2017



I always have NEW STUFF!!

INKLINGS is a new book of INK doodles 8.5 x 5.5 in. printed on heavy green card stock.

COMXSTRIP is a set of 4 comic strips each individually boxed - 2.625 x .75 x .75 in.
Each strip is 2.25 in. wide and unrolls to 14 inches long.

MEANWHILE... this past spring I printed up (at KROMAR printing) a collection of my abstract & surreal comics called Meanwhile...
Looks like a city map until you unfold it.(see above image)

There is a poster on the other side as well. One large comic with a few smaller ones.

Part of my table display at last year's Canzine.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Secrets & Lies - Book Launch

McNally Robinson Booksellers &

At Bay Press

are pleased to present the launch of

Secrets and Lies

The 2017 At Bay Press Fiction Annual

Thursday October 12, 7:00 pm
Grant Park in the Atrium

Cover Artwork by PAS.TER.NAK, Cover Design by Matt Joudrey

Hosted by Canadian writer, artist, and designer M.C. Joudrey and featuring contributors Karen ClavelleLisa MendisVan KunderMichael JoyalRobert Pasternak, and Meghan Zahari.
The short stories and artwork included in this collection focus on the distorted and rearranged truths that we tell ourselves and others. What emerges from these pages is that loneliness is often the catalyst for how we reject or construct reality. In these stories, different considerations of loneliness are explored, and we get a sense of the solitude each one of us knows. The insightful writing that comprises this Fiction Annual captures the power that secrets and lies have in both the creation and destruction of the lives we build. By virtue of the mechanisms we rely on to elude, deflect and deny, we can find ourselves very alone in a world of our own design.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Here's The Thing

(working title and cover art)

At Bay Press has agreed to publish a very large and exceptional collection of my new graphic/abstract comic work! 80 full color pages of art. 8.5 x 12 in. Scheduled release date is tentatively Fall 2018.

ZOiKs KaBlaMo ABstract-O-RaMo !  I can't wait.
In 2013 after moving out of my studio of 22 years and contemplating on being a City of Winnipeg Transit driver, my comics, if they were not already abstract enough, took an inevitable wider left turn,  then up and sideways. It'll be quite a diverse collection. I've really been having a lot of fun exploring and experimenting. This book will be mostly single page pieces along with some 2 and 3-page comics as well.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Prairie Comics Festival & Acid Man

I will be presenting all of my comics, comix, minis, books and novelties at this years 2nd Annual Prairie Comics Festival May 6th - 7th, 2017. It's FREE to attend and is in a very nice venue for the second time at the Millenial Library in downtown Winnipeg. The only thing different is that it runs for two days this year.

The following weekend is TCAF in Toronto which I will be going to to mill about and trade comics!

Here below are two of my recent Acid Man Society books, No.40, Man Macine unfolds to a geo-abstract comic on one side of a sheet with many words about evolution and consciousness on the other side. No.41, ONA has a more traditional comic panel layout with a fun story about an young eye leaving home.

Traffic in Melbourne

MY animated short film Traffiiik will be showing at this years Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) in Australia June 18-25. Monica Lowe, Distribution Director at the Winnipeg Film Group was invited to curate and present a program of shorts from the Winnipeg Film Group catalogue.

Robert Pasternak                                                                                            
Canada, 1’30, 2007

Four Faces of the Moon
Amanda Strong                                                                                                 
Canada, 12’56, 2016

Nude descending (After Duchamp)
Dan Browne                                                                                        
Canada, 2’00, 2013

5¢ a Copy
Ed Ackerman, Gregory Zbitnew                           
Canada, 5’00, 1980

"The Talk" True Stories about the Birds & the Bees
Alain Delannoy                     
Canada, 8’50, 2016

Sun Moon Stars Rain
Leslie Supnet                   
Canada, 3’20, 2009

Murray Toews                                                                                     
Canada, 1’12, 2009

Jackie Traverse                                                                                    
Canada, 5’07, 2009

Alison Davis                                                                                        
Canada, 1’11, 2008

Alan Pakarnyk
Canada, 2’30, 1980

Neil McInnes, Cathy McInnes                
Canada, 5’00, 2007

Cattle Call
Mike Maryniuk, Matthew Rankin
Canada, 3’30, 2008

Eva Cvijanovic                                                                                    
Canada, 3’28, 2013

Kathleen's Diary
Chrystene Ells              
Canada, 6’28, 2013

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Get Your Crazy Goggles on
because I'll have mine

Project Whitecard
Robert Pasternak in 3D in front of the WSO !

Performing / Creating / Live Imagery in VIRTUAL REALITY to a New Music Composition - Migration Patterns by Christos Hatzis

Saturday - January 28th - 7:30pm  (second half approx. 8:30pm)  Tickets $25
Centennial Concert Hall



Robert Pasternak (NAK) Visual Artist, father, illustrator, graphic designer, novelty product inventor / manufacturer and filmmaker, spanning the themes of the cosmic, surreal, technological, metaphysical and what it means to be human. He has been creating and exhibiting his art in Winnipeg for almost 40 years. His science fiction illustrations have appeared on Amazing Stories and On Spec magazine, on book covers for Guy Vanderhague and Timothy Findley. In 1994 he won the Aurora award in Canadian Sci-Fi art. His short films have played all over the world, with his first experimental short The Affirmation Of Jimmy Brown being selected for the Venice Film Festival in 2004. In 2012 The Wonderful Worlds of Nak , a documentary by Patric Lowe was produced by MTS. In 2015 he performed on stage alongside his daughter Zorya Arrow in her choreographed  theatrical alt-dance Genetics Project. Also in 2015 The Pasternak Award was formed in his honor by the Central Canada Comics Convention (C4) to be given annually to a local Winnipeg Artist who has given back to the community.

Khal Shariff, Creative Director, CEO of Project Whitecard Inc.

Project Whitecard Inc., is an award-winning creative & technical talent. A much-sought-after speaker at industry and forward-looking events, such as the NASA Virtual Worlds Workshop, Khal Shariff is a MacArthur Foundation recipient for his work in Digital Education as a Primary Investigator through the University of California Irvine. Khal Shariff is an alumni of the Banff Center and includes the Canadian Space Agency and NASA as recent collaborators, for whom Project Whitecard has built several 3D immersive learning environments

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Yeah!

Lots will be happen'in this year! Stay tuned. Happy New Yeah! All the best. Go Go Go