Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treasury Of Mini Comics

Some of my Mini Comics will be published by Fantagraphics in this mini ginormous 720 page bible brick of a book called....

 Cover art by Ron Rege Jr.

The TREASURY OF MINI COMICS Vol.1 is scheduled for a June 2013 release.
If you want to see some info on it or to pre order, check out the Amazon listing here.

The first of two volumes collecting mini comics from the 1960s till the present, created by pioneers and champions of the form.
Fantagraphics’ 2010 NEWAVE! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s was such an unexpected hit that it inspired this first of a two-volume set chronicling the art of the mini-comic from the late 1960s to present—The Treasury of Mini Comics. The Treasury of Mini Comics charts the evolution of the art of mini comics over four decades of deliberate cartoon rebellion. This volume will reproduce some of the best mini comics ever produced by some of the most creative DIY creators in the world (many of whom, of course, have gone on to become familiar names among contemporary comics connoisseurs): Leonard Rifas, Justin Green, Gary Arlington, Jim Siergey, Larry Rippee, Richard Krauss, Bob Vojtko, Par Holman & Clark Dissmeyer, Matt Feazell, Matt Howarth, Steve Willis, Ronald Russell Roach, Edd Vick, Bruce Chrislip, Brad Johnson, Tim Corrigan, Macedonio Garcia, David Miller, Colin Upton, Robert Pasternak, David Lee Ingersoll, Roberta Gregory, John Porcellino, Dylan Williams, Eric Reynolds, Molly Keily, Blair Wilson, Jim Blanchard, Chris Cilla, David Lasky & Jim Woodring, Marc Bell, Ron Rege Jr., Leela Corman, David Heatley, Laura Wady, Fiona Smyth, Karl Wills, Onsmith, Travis Millard, Mark Campos, Nate Beaty, Peter Thompson, Carrie McNinch, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Andy Singer, Noah Van Sciver, Kelly Froh, Aaron Norhanian, Max Clotfelter, and Marc J. Palm.

Michael Dowers, Editor
Black & white illustrations throughout with some color.
720 pages

My first mini comic Holy Crow (1986) will one of the two comics reprinted in this treasury.