Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Totemical Stop-Motion Drawing

     This is a stop motion drawing I did in 2006  for the One-Take Super-8 event held in Winnipeg in conjunction with the WNDX film festival. It was recorded on a Super-* film camera then shown sight unseen before a live audience with all the other participatory films. This year I transfered the film onto digital video and edited it for some reverse and slowed down motion. Other than that it appears as it was with no other editing. This work is part of an ongoing series of drawings, paintings and films that visualizes the spiritual and energy fields that surround, permeate and communicate with the human body.  

Monday, July 7, 2008


     This is a digital art piece that I started in 2001, picked it up again in March this year and finished it last week. Usually a digital work such as this is done in day or two but sometimes you get to a point where you either just don't know what to do with it or you have run out of time for the day and it gets put on the back burner because you have to do some 'real' work. 
    This is a real interesting piece for me because it comes at a time in my life that helps me confirm my place in the world and allows me to know and be who I am. I really think of this piece as a self portrait and in a generalized way also a portrait of most other human beings. We are all terrestrial beings living within a higher celestial self.       

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pranic Journey

     Its been a pranic journey in getting this painting to you all. I thought I was near completion a couple weeks ago but now many hours later, I've also added a lot more thinking time. Thinking about what this painting is telling me about myself. Because my paintings are self reflective and come from a well deep within me, there are always things I learn as a result of painting them that were not part of the original plan or thought process of the painting. 
     The artist/obsever/recorder in this painting is seeing something different in the atmosphere. Its is not different in form but in the heightened sense of color. Everything in this artists world seems to be curvulinear and in limited color tones. But here exists a structure more startling. Can everyone see it or just the artist? Through something within the heart of this being, it is able to touch upon it and see even further within the structure and is drawing it on the table surface. This structure is a Star Tetrahedron and is a major elementary particle of light and energy fields and is a component of pranic energy- the life force of all heart breathing entities.       
     Before I was aware of Pranic energy I often meditated and one of the things I did as I concentrated on my breathing, was to notice color formations in the blackness of the space through within my closed eyelids. But before seeing any real color swooshes there was always a period of these sparkles of light twinkling like stars in the sky. Sometimes I would look at one and focus on it. I called each of these lights a globule. As soon as I focussed on one I was able to zoom in to this light and draw it nearer to me. Then it exploded in a ring of rainbow light. It was a portal with a voice accepting me to join in on a journey.