Monday, September 29, 2008


     This is a recent portrait that was commissioned by the little girl in this picture, though now she, along with her twin brother just turned 30. This was a gift from her to her brother on their birthday. I have not done a portrait in a long while and forgot how much fun it was. I've done all sorts in a number of styles and mediums from acrylics, pencil or ink. Would you like a portrait done for yourself or for a gift?   
16 x 20 inches    pencil crayon on matt board

     One of the things I really enjoyed in this commission was the construction of the crazy hair these two kids had and how my play-full abstracted doodling came into the drawing by way of having to make up the details in this mass of hair as the photographs I had were quite vague. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Emerald Heart

     I love painting in an automatic and intuitive way. I have to do this to counter balance the heavy realities of straight lines and linear time. This is one of those paintings. It can be viewed in any direction probably because I am always working on it in every direction  Vertically it is very figurative where the head becomes the heart. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could think a little more with our hearts.
acrylic on canvas 22 x 28 inches 

Right Braining

     One of my least all time favorite things I like to do is draw. For being an artist, I'm not sure if that is a good thing. In fact it isn't a good thing. I think everyone should engage in the act of drawing. It's simple really and requires next to no art supplies.....a bic pen or a stub of a pencil. I think it is important to draw because it engages your mind in the world around you and allows for some critical right brain hemisphere touchy-feely-spacial associations that are so much lacking in a lot of people. I pretty much have to force myself to draw. 
    Ah, but then there is my favorite way to draw..... through doodling. This way of drawing opens up your untapped right hemisphere as well as your heart. These drawings I have here are some of the hundreds that I have done over the years that show what I draw when I am on the phone talking to friends of mine. Because I am concentrating my effors in listening to the conversation I am not as aware of what I lay down with the pencil. I'm looking but I am not controlling. My drawings have evolved over the years to a form of language containing the symbols of beings or people that I believe mirror the movements and actions of my relationships and communications with my friends and my self.