Monday, April 25, 2011


If you happen to be in Ottawa in the next couple weeks be sure to check out the multitude of artistic activities that will make up Prairie Scene in 2011. My film 412222 will be projected during the opening kick-off festivities along with other Winnipeg films brought together by Monica Lowe from the Winnipeg Film Group.  But that is not all!

I am also part of a huge Winnipeg artistical tour-de-force exhibit curated by Noam Gonick and Plug In ICA  called Winter Kept Us Warm .This show will then travel to Paris France for an opening in June at la Maison Rouge, Foundation Antoine de Galbert, then down to the International Museum of Modern Art in Sete, France for a run there from November to May 2012. I will be showing two older phallus drawings and 5 old and new wooden phallus carvings.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Art for the People

A Rare Collection of Authentic Archival Soviet Propaganda accompanied by the
Pop Surrealist work of Robert Pasternak

There will be a huge salvaged collection of Soviet WWII - Cold War era 
16mm/35mm film

****FOR SALE*****
A museum/university quality collection direct from Moscow via the defunct Soviet-Canadian Friendship Society. 

the pairing between Pasternak and the collection emphasizes a consideration
of the era's design aesthetic, advertising sensibilities and printmaking techniques.

While the juxtaposition of the mixed media, presented in a contemporary Post Collapse
era provides a surreal celebration of a bygone Fantasy and Ideal "Reality" that maybe
never really "Existed".

Is a Winnipeg-based, multi-disciplinary pop surrealist who moves seamlessly from
metaphysical paintings and science-fiction illustration to hand-processed film, collage
with found materials, to imaginative product-design. From High-Sci-Fi to Low-Scrounge
comix, Pasternak has exhibited his work extensively in his 27-year art practice, and Nak’s
illustrations have graced album covers, science fiction magazines, and literary book jackets.
His exhibits are always different in that they usually highlight one of the multitude of areas of
visionary visual work that he is continually juggling and adding to. Nak has exhibited at
La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles as well as The Irvine Fine Arts Center in Irvine
California, Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Stanley Milner Public Library, Martha Street
Studio and Ace Art. 


The show continues for two weeks.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Envious portrait of the Ages

     Since my last post I had become nostalgic for the paintings of my youth in the time period of 83 - 85  and found myself viewing my these paintings in my binders and remembering all the ideas that I had that I would still like to produce on canvas. Often times I will have an idea for a whole series of work then paint only one of them and go onto something else. Then in time I might come back to that series. Others will never come back to and they remain as single entities. My goodness I liked color!...... and what is with all the green skin? I do know what's up with the hands. They are all mine and to this day are still prominent in my work.

AGES . 1984 . acrylic on canvas . 48 x 86 inches . (self portrait)


Hi . 1983 . acrylic on canvas . 34 x 40 inches . (self portrait)