Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cowboys & Aliens

I found a headless cowboy figure in the sand, brought him home and placed it on my shelf with some other plastic figures all battling and sharing time dimensions. Pan-American athletes throwing javelines at robots, cavemen swinging clubs at googley monsters, Merlin conjuring, Winston Churchill debating with Moses and The Invisible Plan thingys by Mars1 (some of my favorite plastic figures ever!) just hanging out and keeping the peace. One of these Mars guys, I was always disappointed with. It seemed it was missing a head to go in the cylindrical stump protruding above it's body. I kept thinking that a head of some sort will show up one day.

When that day was too slow in coming I made an alternate plan for my little headless Invisible Plan fella. I'll just turn him into a head for my cowboy friend. It was unbelievable how the uniform green color of the cowboy matched perfectly with the top part of the alien. I love it! Somebody told me there was a Cowboys and Aliens movie in the works. Hmmmm.