Thursday, July 23, 2009

Film:Experience with Humans

As some of you may already know, I create short "art films" or ambient films with themes of humanistic transformations of some sort. This weekend at the Gimli Film Festival I have two such films being screened. Both of these were made using a Super-8 film camera and both are stop motion animations.


A stream of consciousness stop motion animation about a sci-man's transformational waking up and his morning ritual before leaving his apartment in Sci-City to go for a walk. This 8mm film was shot in one afternoon and  was originally made for the One-Take super-8 event  held in Winnipeg. Just a few digital effects were added later. The soundscape was made without any visual reference and with only the memory of what was shot and remains unedited from the original viewing.  

Drawing Totemica

A meditational stream of consciousness stop-motion drawing with underlying figurative and totem elements. Originally made on the deadline afternoon of the One-Take Super8 event of 2006(Winnipeg), the whole actual film lasts about 13 seconds and goes by so fast that I wanted to allow viewers the opportunity to soak it in by showing multiple viewings of this process. The music was found in 13 seconds flat in an i-movie application and I am still amazed at the timed syncronycity of it all.