Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Music Festival Kick-Off

Once again my Film 412222 will be shown here in Winnipeg with an original live score by the eXperimental Improv Ensemble. This time at the kick-off performance of the New Music Festival held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. This is pretty much a repeat outdoor gig from Nuit Blanche held last September, which was very Fantastic. It was a great image and sound performance. But for this event there are also many other performances happening. Check it out!

Kick-Off: Tangle
Friday, January 28, 2011 • 8:00 p.m.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Groundswell New Music returns to celebrate our 20th anniversary of New Music Festival. Come see and hear Winnipeg’s own Experimental Improv Ensemble in an exciting work that combines cinema, lights, and sound. Be dazzled by the incredible sound installations created by Daryn Bond. Hear wonderful new works by Winnipeg composers Diana McIntosh, Gordon Fitzell and Jim Hiscott. As well, witness the creation of a new work by visual artist John Funk. Curated by Diana McIntosh and Gordon Fitzell of GroundSwell.


eXperimental Improv Ensemble (XIE); Gordon Fitzell, director Diana McIntosh, voice, piano, percussion Allen Harrington, saxophone Laura Loewen, piano Victoria Sparks, percussion Meredith Johnson, bass Bede Hanley, oboe Herbert Enns, video Gordon Fitzell, electronics Katharine Bruce, real-time visual art John Funk, real-time visual art Daryn Bond, media installation


XIE (CAN): Live soundtracks – Part 1 (see below) Diana McIntosh/Allen Harrington (CAN): Improv Duo Daryn Bond (CAN): Area Clear Gordon Fitzell (CAN): Metropolis Diana McIntosh (CAN): Sampling the Communication Parameters in the Ambience of Structural Phrasing and Dynamics in Contemporary Music Jim Hiscott (CAN): Tangle Diana McIntosh (CAN): …and 8:30 in Newfoundland XIE (CAN):  Live soundtracks – Part 2 (see below)

Live soundtracks to local experimental films: 412222 (2007) by Robert Pasternak, Sitka (2009) by Olga Zikrata, Going going gone (2008) by Carole O’Brien, Chroma-dance (2007) by James Pomeroy, Malaguena (2004) by Coral Aiken, The Great Divide (2008) by Bryan Besant