Friday, July 22, 2011


For this weekends Brandon Folk, Music and Art Festival, I set up a little display of cosmic proportions on the festival grounds amongst the trees. My first time really doing something like this.  It shows the a scaled down version of the exact scale between the sizes of the Moon, Earth and sun along with the correct distance that they would be from each other. 

I wish it could be more hands on, but that would have been I bit too delicate in this environment.  I do have available, a simple model kit that I manufacture, that contains this delicate orbital structure. It's an excellent educational device. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Shopping C.A.R.T.

Tomorrow is the opening of an enormous group show I am happy to be part of at Current Space Gallery in Baltimore Maryland. At least 70 artist's interpretations of products and packaging in this store set-up 'art of commerce' ( or is it the groceries of art ) show called C.A.R.T.. The show continues to September 4th.

I am very happy to be part of this show as I get to display more of my art novelty items and it also gives me the impetus to create more! Not that I don't create on my own but I just seem to do even more. I seem to be only one of two Canadians participating, the other being Emily Comeau from Montreal.

I have 13 items in the show, with varying quantities of each. Some of the other items include:

-Top Secret Message
-Picture Cigarettes
-Loose Leaf Doodle Pages
-Post Surreal boxes
-Oxygen Capsules
-Admit It tickets

Most of my items are not so much food related at a lot of the other work I've seen so far. It's all AMAZING! Some clever and talented folks out there.