Thursday, October 8, 2009


This weekend here in Winnipeg is the wonderful and incredible Annual WNDX FILM FESTIVAL and also starting this weekend and going through the whole week is the ANTIMATTER FILM FESTIVAL in Victoria BC. I have the same short film SHATTERGLIT playing at both festivals.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Film:Experience with Humans

As some of you may already know, I create short "art films" or ambient films with themes of humanistic transformations of some sort. This weekend at the Gimli Film Festival I have two such films being screened. Both of these were made using a Super-8 film camera and both are stop motion animations.


A stream of consciousness stop motion animation about a sci-man's transformational waking up and his morning ritual before leaving his apartment in Sci-City to go for a walk. This 8mm film was shot in one afternoon and  was originally made for the One-Take super-8 event  held in Winnipeg. Just a few digital effects were added later. The soundscape was made without any visual reference and with only the memory of what was shot and remains unedited from the original viewing.  

Drawing Totemica

A meditational stream of consciousness stop-motion drawing with underlying figurative and totem elements. Originally made on the deadline afternoon of the One-Take Super8 event of 2006(Winnipeg), the whole actual film lasts about 13 seconds and goes by so fast that I wanted to allow viewers the opportunity to soak it in by showing multiple viewings of this process. The music was found in 13 seconds flat in an i-movie application and I am still amazed at the timed syncronycity of it all. 



Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am back from L.A. and I bring back to Winnipeg my experience and memories that will stay with me forever. Los Angeles is a wonderfull place. I would live there. It was a bit weird because I was constantly reminded of back home. I kept seeing people and places that made me think of Winnipeg and the feeling......the feeling of something so familiar. I need to go back.

The art show I had at La Luz de Jesus is about to draw to a close and I feel was a tremendous success! Thank you Billy Shire for your support and kindness. (I am glad we were able to spend some time together and eat some pie- I really liked the apple)  People loved the work at the show! Rob Clayton of the Clayton Brothers made it out  as well as Matt Groening. I also made a couple new friends that I believe will stick with me along my journey. Thanks Matt and Chris for loving and understanding.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Shows

Oh Boy!
I keep forgetting that I have two art shows opening on the same day this Friday April 3rd. One is a 2-man show with Martha Rich at La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles and the other is at APW Gallery in New York. This second one is a group showing with 200 artists. I have 5 small drawings in this show- a couple Breath Drawings, a couple Conte Drawings and one Pencil Drawing. 

I have a ton of work I'll be showing in L.A. I'll be there for the opening. 
Oh Boy!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Book Of Drawings

I just put together  a new book of some drawings that I've been doing since I started a full time position (Sept 08)at G/L Designs - a textile screen printing shop. Often I did not have much time to paint so I spent minutes at a time on this series of "doodles". They are in a style that  I have been doing since the 80's in my SF illustration days but these are much looser and abstract. They are also similar to my pencil phone doodles and a "mechanical cousin" to the breath drawings. There are 23 drawings plus a short introduction in this collection. I will be premiering the book at my show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery this Friday April 3rd!