Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Music Festival and Beyond

My short xperimental 2007 film 412222 will be shown at this years New Music Festival here in Winnipeg. This film was made entirely on 16mm film for my instalation component at PlugIn ICA's group show Scratching The Surface: The Post Prairie Landscape. The film is four and a half minutes long and will be show in between the two main performances for the evening.

Two stills from the xperimental 412222

SAYSOME issue No.5
is available now in selected locations in Winnipeg and now in Montreal at Monastiraki.
....and remember, it's FREE! 

If you would like to carry Saysome in your store or other locale, please write me. Back issues are available. Each issue contains vatious ARTicles of ink drawings with regular installments of Super Secret Abstract Gadget Man, a comic strip called Meanwhile..., the Abstract Page  as well as other viewing devices. Each issue is 8 pages.

MONASTIRAKI and Billy Mavreas