Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pasternak 12:12:12 Winnipeg Spirit


I was at the library when a woman walked up to me and told me that I was in a photograph in a book upstairs. The title of the book is Winnipeg 1912, and below is the photograph she was referring to. I could not believe it. This was one of the strangest things in my life. This photograph was 100 years old!
When I was younger people would tell me upon meeting me, that they thought I would be older somehow.

I had to commemorate the event this year by doing something. So I decided to make a simple poster and put it up around the city. People that know me totally freak out because they automatically assume that it is a picture of me. In fact I have a hard time seeing anyone else beside myself as this person in the photo. It is me I conclude. But my grounded self proclaims that it cannot possibly be so. I have yet to find out who the picture is really of. But come to think of it, I have yet to find out who I really am.

Forresters Lodge members in Winnipeg 1912

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fun & Frolic

One Night Only

PLATFORM gallery's fundraiser event .
Saturday December 15th, 7:00 - Midnight
50 Artists have donated 50 works of art X3.
100 tickets are available to purchase a work of art for $45.
When your number is drawn, you get to choose your prize!

Click on the poster to see the list of participating artists and other info!!
There will be a huge variety of work to choose from. For my part I have printed especially for this event, 3 uncut sheets of my D-N-Aid packages, each sheet has two flavors and includes the back as well.  

My Winnipeg Project.....Continues !
Winter Kept Us Warm
December 15th - January 20th, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, December 14th at 7:00pm

This is the 3rd installment of 4 chapters of the My Winnipeg Project showing at Plug In ICA.
This show already has garnered fantastic reviews when it was shown in Paris and south France Last year and this year! Check it out.

My work is included in the naughty section of the show.

Various Woodies, Various Dates, Various sizes

All I can Remember - 1985 - 9 x 12 inches