Monday, February 8, 2021

Event #6 featuring Robert Pasternak discussing the book 'Place Into Being'


An intimate chat in my studio DISCUSSING my book of coMics+abstract comiCs  PLACE Into BEING
Hosted by my publisher Matt Jaudrey of At Bay Press and sponsored by Safe At Home

7 PM Central Time

Registration is required. All ages event.

Each registrant will receive a free e-book (pdf format) of the work being read and discussed.
The event will be approximately 1 hour long.

The event will also be live-streaming on Youtube and Facebook.

The Better Book Club

An intimate reading and discussion series, featuring authors and artists published by At Bay Press. Every Monday, we will host a session via Zoom with live-streaming on Youtube and Facebook for 8 weeks, starting MondayJanuary 4th 2021. Each week, an At Bay Press author (and artist if the book is a graphic novel or visual book) will read from their latest novel, poetry collection, or graphic novel. Readings will be followed by an open discussion with attendees, just like a regular book club, but better since the author of the work will be in attendance! 

Each registrant will receive a free e-book (pdf format) of the work being read and discussed prior to the event. Each event will be approximately 1 hour long. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from your favourite authors and be able to speak directly with them from the comfort of your own home.

About the book: Robert Pasternak (NAK) is a virtuoso of the sequential art form. An adept panelologist and painstaking craftsman. Despite a loyal and attentive following, awareness of his work is limited. In many ways, what may appear to be a constraint is part of the NAK mystery and lore. The abstract comics medium is highly complex and only vaguely understood. For NAK, it’s merely a brushstroke. Yet, to define this artwork as abstract could be considered derivative. To the observer, NAK is ocular candy. Psychedelic sensuality.

Delve into the NAK experience, an explorative expedition contained in this first published volume of his work. This creative journey will compositionally challenge and cerebrally stretch the current understanding of comics.Each registrant will receive a free e-book (pdf format) of the work being read and discussed prior to the event.

About the author: Robert Pasternak (NAK) is an artist, father, illustrator, graphic designer, novelty product inventor / manufacturer and filmmaker, spanning the themes of the cosmic, surreal, technological, metaphysical and what it means to be human. He has been creating and exhibiting his art for almost 40 years. His science fiction illustrations have appeared on Amazing Stories and On Spec magazine, on book covers for Guy Vanderhague and Timothy Findley. In 1994 he won the Aurora award in Canadian Sci-Fi art. In 2012 The Wonderful Worlds of Nak, a documentary by Patric Lowe was produced by MTS.