Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Issues No. 30,  No.32,  No.33

The continuing sag.
No.30 has a nice cover and 16 pages of writing writ and wrought.
Thoughtful art and questionable mind.
No.32 has 8 stiff pages and is a bit more artsy (that's code for WTF).
FIND Acid Man on every page.
No.33 is a very fair artifactual likeness of one of my pocket drawing books but the drawings are culled from 4 books from 1992-1993. Made with the same materials as I would use for my own sketchbooks and includes attachments, found inserts and an original one-of-a-kind photo cover on each. WoW! 32 pages. The only thing I did not do is wear it out in my back pocket for a month but I can do that for you for an extra fee. Only 30 made.

Available nowhere yet! Just from me. Contact hurry today write fast call right now. Get'em.

What happened to No.31 you ask? I did it ages ago. It's the one with Nostradamus.
Right now I'm working on No.29.


October 3 - 7, 2012
Thanks to Noam Gonick, our short experimental film A Place For Us will be screening at AGLIFF in Austin Texas.  The third collaborator of this film, Aaron Zeghlers was the catalyst for the making of this film by combining two super8 films, one by Noam and one by Robert, into something more.