Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Painting For Sale

TREE OF ENVY  .  $3,000  .  acrylic on canvas  .  24 x 26 inches  .  1985  .   framed

I am looking to sell this painting of mine for the current owner who had originally purchased it in 1985 which is also the year in which it was painted when I had a studio at Forum Art Institute in the old CPR Station building.

When I saw the painting again I was struck by it's size and vibrancy of color. The photo I had been viewing all these years certainly was not as bright and I had become accustomed to the darker image. So it was nice to be shaken out of my mist. Pure bright color was a staple of a lot of my work in the 80's, pretty much all of the rainbow colors in  one painting, but I seemed to have had a kNak to combine and blend them in a way as not to be garish I was told once. 

When I took a photo in B & W I was surprised at the melding of the foreground tree with the background sky and this combined with the shapes in the sky was like a memory of seeing nature on magic mushrooms. So no need to take it when you've got the painting.

Ring or e-mail me if your interested. (shipping included)   or   204.956.7675