Wednesday, April 18, 2018


ALONG WITH 2 other great documentaries By the legendary PATRICK LOWE

Friday 7PM
April 27, 2018
100 Arthur St. Winnipeg

Patrick Lowe is a Winnipeg animator, editor and writer. Best known for his short films Going Ape (1985), Gerald the Genie (1997), and A Bit Transcendental (2000), he has also written extensively about the Winnipeg filmmaking community and Canadian cinema. More recently he created a trio of excellent documentaries about Winnipeg visual artists. His late brother Greg Lowe composed the soundtracks for Andrew Milne Dreams of Machines and The Wonderful Worlds of Nak.
The Wonderful Worlds of Nak / Directed by Patrick Lowe, 2013, Canada, 27 min / Guided by a mix of new age philosophy, comic book ambition, and a fundamental belief in the interconnectedness of events, Winnipeg artist Robert Pasternak creates a fast-paced and fun vision of a colourful and eclectic universe for all to marvel at and experience.
Andrew Milne Dreams of Machines / Directed by Patrick Lowe, 2015, Canada, 29 min / In this fast-paced odyssey, multidisciplinary artist Andrew Milne creates his special brand of oversized machines to challenge the way we see the world. We see how his creations function and how ordinary people react to and interact with them.
*Winner Best Documentary / Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.
*Windy Award Winner / Greg Lowe / IATSE 856 Overall Sound Prize for music composition for Andrew Milne Dreams of Machines.
Harry Nelken at Your Service / Directed by Patrick Lowe, 2017, Canada, 28 min / Legendary local actor Harry Nelken talks to the audience about his life and career. With both grace and humour, he gently regales us with stories about his family, his stage work, his Jewish heritage, and the challenges he faced playing Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.