Friday, February 10, 2012

New Places...lets go there!

I have recently placed my work for sale in a couple new venues.

962 Westminster at Lipton
Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6

Villekulla will be selling some of my Novelty Art Objects. Not all what you see here below (article from March 2010 from my Visual Chew show at Martha Street Gallery) but there are at least 22 different items, including Bacon Bookmarks, Booklets, Love/War Capsules, Oxygen Capsules, Empower Rings.......and so much more by so many other local crafty artsy folk with lots of cool stuff!

* **  ***   ****    *****     ******      *******      *******      ******     *****    ****   ***  ** *

Kustom Kulture
470 River Avenue. Winnipeg

NOW currently on display and for sale at Kustom Kulture for a few months are seven of my paintings. Some of my newest smaller work as well as a few older items that look really good in there. On one larger wall I will be switching it up every month with a new older large painting until the work comes down in June.
Here is the larger painting currently on display.

Saturn Conscious - 30 x 40 inches - acrylic on canvas