Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nobody Writes Anymore

Loose Leaf No.3    22 x 28 in     acrylic on canvas

Loose Leaf No.4    30 x 36 in.    acrylic on canvas

     Here are a couple paintings from a new series of work that I just started and am super pumped about. Though I have 7 completed so far I have barely scratched  the surface of all what I foresee that this series could entail. All of them will be titled Loose Leaf No.1,2,3,etc. but the overall series will be titled Nobody Writes Anymore. This series is an offshoot of my Still Life (moving life) paintings where I have sometimes had loose leafs placed on a larger table surface. 
     By using the graphic platform of the Loose Leaf note paper these paintings are basically about communication on a few different levels. Through symbols and writing I want to instill a sense of mystery back into the hand written note or doodle. I want these notes and fragments that could be from a child, student, scientist, writer or artist to imply that there is a larger dialogue taking place that we can partake and share in to ask a question and investigate further into what I have presented in fragment. In time I hope that more people will look upon their own doodles as something important to look at.
     These paintings are all meticulously designed. There are no actual doodles or pieces of notes that really exist of these paintings. In time I may search out past notes of mine to copy what already exists in miniature but this I feel would be a simple thing. I am after something a bit more and want to create a larger arena of dialogue through various levels in the paintings that I foresee to come out of this series.